Data management is the whole process of handling research data, from its entry into the research cycle through to the dissemination, sharing, archiving, and destruction.​ In the Genomics Facility in IZKF, RWTH Aachen University Hospital, we would like to propose our policy to all the current/potential clients as below due to the limited storage capacity.

TypeDefinitionStorage Time
after closing
Raw DataRaw data means the Binary Base Call (BCL) files generated by the Illumina sequencers.3 months
Raw DataFASTQ files after demultiplexing.3 months
Processed DataProcessed data means the files after bioinformatic analyses such as alignment, read counts, peak calling, or differential analysis … etc.3 months
Advanced AnalysisAny customized analysis is done for the need of the clients. This might include figures, tables, or PDF reports.3 months
Data exportAfter any analysis is done, the data are exported to the clients via our web server with the given username and password. This access will be terminated within a month.1 month
after submission
Data policy for various types of data. (updated Nov. 29, 2022)

The rule of thumb is that every client should have a plan for his own data. Many grant proposals now require a plan of data management (e.g. DFG Handling of Research Data). Whenever we submit the data to the clients, we expect the clients to store their data according to their own plans. It is the client’s responsibility to keep the data safe and reusable.

After we deliver the data to the clients, we will clean the data from our servers according to this policy. Please make sure that you store the data in your lab properly.

However, if there is no such infrastructure available in the lab, we can also offer storage services to keep your data in the core facility for a longer period. The cost will depend on your specific needs.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: