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Genomics Facility

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The Aachen Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research or IZKF, is a development and strategy program of the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Medicine.

The task of the IZKF is to strengthen translational medical research that stems from its basic research and clinic.

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NGS Workflow

Experimental Design

We can discuss the need of the projects and answer any questions about the following processes. Our expertise can help the clients to avoid conceptual mistakes, wrong interpretation of the experiment, or  misunderstanding in the results.

Sample Preparation

Sample preparation varies depending on the type of material being sampled and the purpose of the experiment. Different types of genetic material (DNA or RNA) have slightly different sample preparation processes. On top of that, the different applications of NGS add another dimension.

Library Preparation

A series of steps are needed to generate a library – the ultimate goal is to convert the extracted nucleic acids into an appropriate format for the chosen sequencing technology. This is done by fragmenting the targeted sequences to a desired length, followed by attaching specific adapter sequences to the end of these targeted fragments. 


We have MiSeq, NextSeq and NovaSeq (in 2022) available for our services. All the data will be stored and processed in the dedicated servers of Genomics Facility.

Bioinformatic Analysis

We provide basic analysis and advanced analysis. Basic analysis includes the standard analysis to evaluate and understand the results, and advanced analysis provides further customized research for your scientific questions or hypothesis.