We provide the basic lab service to share our equipment and expertise with the clients.

Quality Check

Quality control (QC) of library preparations is essential for all next generation sequencing (NGS) experiments. As standard, our library preparation service for NGS includes sample quantification by fluormetric measurements with the Promega Quantus and subsequent QC with the Agilent TapeStation or Bioanalyzer.

In addition, we offer these QC services independently from our NGS services. The following instruments and assays can be commonly offered by the Genomics Facility:

Instrument Assays Molecule
TapeStationHS D1000/D5000DNA
TapeStationHS RNARNA
BioanalyzerDNA 1000/High Sensitivity DNADNA
BioanalyzerRNA 6000 nano/picoRNA

The analysis requires an aliquot of 3.5 µl and a sample sheet with tube IDs, sample names and concentrations (e.g. measured by nanodrop). If the samples will be measured by TapeStation or Bioanalyzer depends on the sample number, fragment size and specific requirements of the clients. In case you have specific preferences, please specify those in the request form.

Fragmentation of DNA

While the preparation of intact high molecular weight DNA and prevention of shearing throughout most workflow steps is important, DNA fragmentation is a necessary step in sample preparation for most sequencing platforms. For example, short-read sequencing platforms generally rely on fragments of ~300-600 bp sizes. In the Genomics Facility, we offer DNA fragmentation with the Covaris ultrasonicator. We can shear sample volumes of either 55 µl or 130 µl.

Isolation of DNA & RNA

The nucleic acid extraction process frees DNA/RNA from the cell and then separates it from cellular fluid and proteins so you are left with pure DNA/RNA samples. The Genomics Facility utilizes the automated Maxwell RSC instrument of Promega to provide high quality DNA/RNA extraction. We commonly offer DNA/RNA extractions with the following kits:

  • Maxwell RSC blood DNA
  • Maxwell RSC simply RNA tissue
  • Maxwell RSC miRNA tissue

If you have specific needs for DNA/RNA extraction from source material that we do not yet cover, feel free to contact us or include a comment in your request. We are happy to discuss if we can implement a Maxwell RSC solution for your specific research question.

Single cell isolation and dispensing by cellenONE

CellenONE® is a revolutionary platform based on sciDROP PICO precision dispensing technology and coupled with advanced image processing that provides real-time and high accuracy single-cell isolation and dispensing. It enables fluorescence and brightfield image based single cell isolation and sorting. Thereby, reaching nearly 100 % accuracy and high clonal outgrowth rates due to its ultra-gentle dispensing technology.

How it works:

  1. Your cell suspension is loaded into a glass capillary.
  2. The capillary tip is placed in front of an optical detection system.
  3. If the next droplet contains only a single cell with user defined parameters (size/fluorescent markers) a picture of the cell will be taken and it is dispensed into target labware.
  4. Otherwise, the droplet is dispensed into a recovery vial, allowing reprocessing of the sample.

The CellenONE® can be used for sample preparation prior to Single Cell Omics or for cell line development, especially for monoclonal outgrowth or enrichment of rare cell types. For further information about the technology, please visit the CellenONE® Website. If you are interested in using the CellenONE® technology for your single cell project, we are happy to discuss its suitability.