If you would like to analyze a prepared library on the Bioanalyzer or TapeStation, please indicate which fragment sizes (in bp) you will expect in your samples.

If you do not know which specific region should be marked on the TapeStation/Bioanalyzer just leave this field empty and we will choose the region for you. Just indicate the region if you have specific wishes for the analysis.

You can download the template for the sample sheet here. Please be as precise as possible about the samples you will submit.

If you are isolating RNA samples or if you are preparing sequencing libraries yourself it is good practice to take a small aliquot of your sample which can be used for quality measurements. In this way your precious original sample does not need to go through several freeze-thaw-cycles. Aliquots should at least contain 3.5 µl of your sample.

Please feel free to let us know your questions and problems so that we can improve this page by adding necessary clarification here.

Please write to genomicsfacility@ukaachen.de